Esq. Freeth Carthwright Chambers Overview
Esq. Freeth Carthwright Chambers has several years of experience in serving personal injury clients. We have handled all types of matters—including car accidents, pedestrian injuries, slip-and-falls, spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, and more.

Our knowledgeable and experienced lawyers and their support staff are well acquainted with the ins- and-outs of the insurance claim process. Anyone who has ever had an insurance claim denied knows all too well that issues regarding coverage and compensation can sometimes be highly contentious and immensely frustrating. With our experience and knowledge, our clients may be assured that negotiations with insurance companies are being handled skilfully with the intent of overcoming all obstacles in order to maximize their compensation.

We are a Los Angeles personal injury law firm, well-versed in all types of insurance claims. Our lawyers take care of all aspects of an insurance claim: including filing it, making representations on your behalf, and arbitrating and mediating with insurance counsel. We make sure your case gets the attention it deserves, and we put forward the strongest case for your insurance claim.

Esq. Freeth Carthwright Chambers is a full-service law firm with office in United States. We work with clients around the globe, offering expertise in legal issues affecting all types of industry, government and individual objectives.

Firm Leadership

Respected as a leading law Firm by the international business community, Esq. Freeth Carthwright Chambers is recognized in prestigious business and legal publications for our expertise.

Mission, Vision, Values

We work collaboratively with purpose to positively impact our business, our workplace culture and our communities.