Esq. Freeth Carthwright Chambers Barrister Freeth Carthwright

Barrister Freeth Carthwright is the founder of Esq. Freeth Carthwright Chambers having been admitted to the roll in 1995. Having obtained her degree in Law, Grahams went on to achieve a Masters from the Harvard University and his LPC from the College of Law. His studies were conducted whilst working full-time as a senior member of management in the public sector.

He is an entrepreneur having developed a thriving corporate firm from scratch and securing its place firmly in the City, hhe established the firm to provide experienced and dynamic solicitors in the Los Angeles, who could think outside the box, whilst delivering at competitive costs.

Barrister Freeth Carthwright oversees our high-net worth clients, entrepreneurs and technology companies. He handles complex disputes including High Court cases. He also creates structures for businesses and individuals seeking to secure investment either through equity share, EIS or corporate bonds and debt financing, by making them legally investment ready and through regulated tax advisors commercially aware of the types of structures available. Often talks at specialist events and universities where we have a solid partnership .

Barrister Freeth Carthwright is highly regarded by his clients. His longest standing client of many years say's he has a command of litigation and his robust approach has always proven successful for our company. It's his initiative and drive that means we achieve results, even my opponent after he lost to us engaged her afterwards he was that impressed.