Esq. Freeth Carthwright Chambers Business finance and funding

The world of corporate funding is confusing, time-consuming and, at times, daunting. We provide straightforward solutions to growing businesses and investors alike. Our experts draw on their commercial background as well their legal know-how. We will prepare your legal documents, assist you with your corporate structure and guide you through due diligence and other processes to get you investment-ready and negotiate terms going forward. Having been through this ourselves we are aware of the stressful often disruptive issues that arise so we hope to make this journey smoother for you by guiding you throughout.

We are here for you every step of the way, providing you with a high quality service that will enable you to remain focussed on your business needs.
Our friendly, yet very corporate savvy lawyers, understand sometimes the commercial risk/benefits outweigh the legal risks/advice and so long as you are informed and clear on your options we will support you on this journey whatever route you take.

We will:

  • Offer fixed fees for each stage of work we undertake or see here….for our scale-up packages
  • We will hold a meeting to get to know you and your business and from there we are always available by phone or email to address any concerns.
  • You be allocated a client liaison manager, a commercial solicitor and a supervising corporate lawyer so you have at least 3 points of contact throughout
  • We will review your company structure to identify key issues that might need addressing
  • Explore with you the possibility of Advance Assurances and EIS/SEIS or other such options available to you like R & D reliefs
  • Ensure that you have all the essential and appropriate commercial paperwork in place such as:
  • Founders Agreement / Shareholders Agreement
  • Directors Service Level Agreements, Employment and Consultants Contracts (with appropriate restrictive covenants in place)
  • Employment Option Agreements (if appropriate)
  • Confidentiality Agreements / NDAs
  • Appropriate IP Agreements so that your IP is correctly assigned / owned by your business and that your IP has been adequately protected
  • Business Terms and Conditions
  • That you have adequate cash flow systems, debt recovery terms and processes in place
  • We will give you advice on and negotiate your investment deal, including help with the heads of terms , supporting you through the due diligence process and amending the shareholder’s agreement and subsequent filings once the investor has committed.
  • We have worked with businesses seeking different levels of funding and from different sources whether that is seed funding, crowd funding, debt or equity financing, or a Joint Venture Agreements.

We love helping our clients overcome the challenges of this process and providing with them with solid foundations to support their growth.

We would love to also invite you along to our seminars and events that focus on investment, pitches, getting your house in order and scaling up.