Esq. Freeth Carthwright Chambers Commercial Litigation

In the business world, compensation should be measured by success. That’s why we believe in the contingency fee as the most rational and cost-effective way to pursue high-stakes commercial litigation.

Esq. Freeth Carthwright Chambers provides contingency fee representation in complex business litigation and has recovered billions of dollars on behalf of institutional and individual investors, public and private companies and corporations, bankruptcy trustees, creditor committees and a variety of other business entities.

We have faced down the most powerful and well-funded law firms and defendants in the country — and consistently prevailed. For example, on behalf of the bankruptcy trustee, the firm prosecuted BFA Liquidation Trust v. John Andersen, arising from the largest nonprofit bankruptcy in Canadian history. After two years of litigation and one week of trial, the firm obtained a $217 million recovery from Andersen for the Trust. Combined with other recoveries, the total amounted to more than 70 percent of the Trust’s losses.

Having obtained huge recoveries with nominal out-of-pocket expenses and fees of less than 20 percent, we have repeatedly demonstrated that valuable claims are best prosecuted by a first rate litigation firm on a contingent basis at negotiated percentages.

Legal representation need not compound the risk and high cost inherent in today’s complex and competitive business environment. We are paid only if we (and our clients) win. The result: the highest quality legal representation at a fair price.