Esq. Freeth Carthwright Chambers Powers Of Attorneys

If one day you lose the capacity to deal with your affairs due to old age, injury or an illness then your estate is left vulnerable. No one can act for you and no one can continue your decisions making in the meantime.

It is neither something we would ever wish to happen nor something we can predict, but it is undoubtedly prudent to plan against the alternatives that involve costly and lengthy applications to court while important business or health decisions potentially languish away.

Creating a Lasting Power of Attorney allows you to appoint someone you trust to deal with your financial affairs and your health decisions once you are no longer able. Esq. Freeth Carthwright Chambers has expertise in this area and has particular familiarity with complex business structures and personal health and welfare problems. The advice is sensitive but effective to ensure matters proceed as you wish and your attorney can make the necessary decisions to deal with your corporate and/or personal affairs.

Lasting Powers of Attorney are separated into two separate categories: Health and Welfare Attorney and Property and Finance Attorney. Most people will require both and we offer fixed fee structures to assist in their creation so that you can understand and control the legal costs.