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Reliable Real Estate Representation

The Esq. Freeth Carthwright Chambers serves buyers, sellers, investors, developers, builders, contractors and others in all matters involving residential and commercial real estate, including:

  • Real estate disputes
  • Commericial leases
  • Closings
  • Landlord-Tenant disputes
  • Purchase and sale agreements

Representation In All Types Of Real Estate Litigation

While we handle real estate matters and transactions, our practice focuses on litigation. When needed, we are prepared to go to trial. We resolve disputes between buyers and real estate agents or brokers, including disputes over agent agreements. We resolve boundary line disputes. We are experienced in resolving a variety of real estate disputes. We overcome challenges. That is what we do.

We represent real estate agents opposite clients and the Los Angeles Real Estate Commission. Our work also includes the representation of individuals against real estate agents and real estate management companies for breach of fiduciary duty. We have brought verified claims and applications to courts for orders directing payment of judgment from the Real Estate Recovery Trust Account.

We also handle easements, including utility easements. In real estate transactions, there are often situations in which sellers and developers are sued for allegedly selling real estate property without disclosing easements — even though the purchaser obtained their own survey reports. We work to prevent and resolve these types of disputes.

We also handle situations in which individuals believe that they have oil and gas royalty interests in real property by inheritance but are uncertain as to the extent. Our researchers can conduct title searches and examinations to determine who has the royalty interest.

Our Los Angeles real estate lawyer’s experience in landlord-tenant matters includes representing both landlords and commercial tenants negotiate leases. We assist commercial landlords in situations dealing with tenant breaches or tenant’s failure to pay rent. We help commercial and residential landlords in tenant lock-outs and evictions. We help landlords understand their responsibilities as required by the Los Angeles Property Code. Oftentimes, landlords engage in wrongful lockouts of tenants and wrongfully withhold rental deposits. We help them follow the procedures required by the Los Angeles Property Code.

Our real estate law firm also represents clients with zoning, restrictions and land use planning concerns such as seeking amendments or variances to deed restrictions. For example, we can assist clients who want to change the use limitation on residential lots to a commercial lot. We assist clients whose goal is to have their property exempt from certain constraints contained in the restrictions, which limit the use and nature of the real property.

In potential purchase and sale situations involving individual purchasers and a builder/developer purchaser, our real estate attorney can review deed restrictions for matters limiting use and causing certain building restrictions. We advise clients on restrictions. Our real estate law firm advises clients on the current status of land use, whether residential or commercial, and advise on the process for change.

Experience | Loyalty | Communication | Results

We understand that the primary goal in all real estate matters is the achievement of positive results. Our attorneys has the experience necessary to achieve the results our clients need. Our clients also appreciate our loyalty, as well as our honest communication of information